1. Run Dynamics AX 2012 installation CD

2. Click on Add/Remove components

3. Select Databases, next

4. Select Create new databases and follow the wizard

5. Open SQL server management studio, add AOS account to new created databases (data and model dbs), set permissions for datareader, datawriter and ddladmin to each of the db

6. Open a new query window, select an already used ax database, run the command:

select * from sys.database_principals

Get the principal id of the AOS user

7. On the same query window paste the following script and replace the principal id below and run the query


8. Copy and paste the results to a new query window but this time selecting the new ax database, replace the database name on the text to the new database name and run the script

9. Repeat steps 6-8 for the model database

10. Open the DAX 2012 server configuration, create a new configuration based on the existing and replace the databases with the new ones, click Ok.