I recently came along with an interesting behavior in the system. 

When you create a product master which has let's say 2 variants, VAR1 and VAR2. Each of this variant has a configuration associated to it CONF1 and CONF2. If we say product master is PM01 then we have the following matrix:

  • PM01 -> VAR1 -> CONF1
  • PM01 -> VAR2 -> CONF2
What's interesting about it is - at this point, VAR1 + CONF1 is a totally different ITEM from VAR2 + CONF2 even though they share some properties. Practical examples are for instance laptops with same body, same screen size but different keyboards.

This gets even more interesting when we try to follow the statement below:

- What if VAR1 + CONF1 is made of VAR2 + CONF2? 

This might not be practical, but it means VAR1 + CONF1 is a BOM and in it's BOM line you have VAR2 + CONF2.

When you do this configuration though and run the BOM circularity check, it will say we have a circularity.

This was tested in latest AX 2012 FP CU3.