Instead of setting the transaction level in SQL for seeing uncommitted transactions you can now use the nolock hint as in the sql statement below:

select * from PROJTABLE (nolock) order by RECID desc

if you have many tables in the query:

-- Get the funding limit tracking records by project ID

select T8.AccountingDistribution, T1.ProjectAccountingDistribution, T1.RecId as ProjFundingLimitTrackingRecId, T1.Amount,

T5.Name as HeaderName, T7.Name as LineName, T7.TableId, T2.AmountMst, T2.LimitSpent, T1.ProjFundingLimit, T1.* from ProjFundingLimitTracking T1 (nolock) join ProjFundingLimit (nolock) T2 on T2.RecID = T1.ProjFundingLimit

join ProjTable T3 (nolock) on T3.ProjId = T2.ProjId and T3.DataAreaId = T2.DataAreaId

join SourceDocumentHeader T4 (nolock) on T4.RecId = T1.SourceDocumentHeader

join SQLDictionary T5 (nolock) on T5.TableId = T4.SourceRelationType

join SourceDocumentLine T6 (nolock) on T6.RecId = T1.SourceDocumentLine

join SQLDictionary T7 (nolock) on T7.TableId = T6.SourceRelationType

join ProjectAccountingDistribution (nolock) T8 on T8.RecId = T1.ProjectAccountingDistribution

where T3.ProjId = 'XXX' and T5.FieldId = 0 and T7.FieldId = 0