DER encoded binary x.509 format for ISV certificate

According to this MS post:, the ISV certificate format to load should be of type Base64-encoded X.509. However, if you try to install the corresponding licenses, you will get an error stating that the license file is incorrect. You should use instead a DER encoded binary x.509 format and you will be ab...

Labels and powerapps for 365

We cannot access 365 labels directly from powerapps. However, we can implement our own Multilanguage mechanism directly in the powerapp. See link below:

nolock hint

Instead of setting the transaction level in SQL for seeing uncommitted transactions you can now use the nolock hint as in the sql statement below:select * from PROJTABLE (nolock) order by RECID descif you have many tables in the query:-- Get the funding limit tracking records by project IDselect T8.AccountingDistribution, T1.ProjectAccountingDistribution, T1.RecId as ProjFundingLimitTrackingRecId,...

Microsoft Dynamics Ax7 quick notes from 2016 technical conference

Release to web version shipped on 23rd February 2016 (7.0.1265.3015)Web client supported on any device and any browser10 customers already running Ax7 liveWorldwide localization will be available from fall 2016Full compilation takes around 8 minutes, this includes 4 min for cross - referencesData upgrade from previous versions still not available, will be ready around fall 2016No code upgrade hist...

Good way of commenting code

It is important to comment code in such a way that will be possible later to identify the exact changes therefore we can easily merge code when applying hot fixes or installing new solutions.See the example below:...

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