How to see report design xml

When working with a report design in VS sometimes we require to see the actual xml behing the graphical representation of the design, this to figure out issues in the layout or to edit the xml directly. Currently there is no clear way to do it, or we haven't found it, but what we found is a work around. So basically go to the design then press Ctrl+F to search for a text within the solut...

Issue when adding a new table field on an existing SSRS report

Today I was working on the Customer Statement report to add a new field on the existing temporary table so it would be rendered on the report.After changing the design and re-deploying de report I got an error when openning it.The error message was: The report provide table doesn't contain the new field, therefore I re-compile, re-deploy, even restarted the AOS and it didn't work.I had to finally ...

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