Debugging SSRS data providers

To debug SSRS data providers, just make sure:1) Your AOS user running the service is inside MIcrosoft Dynamics AX Debugging user group2) Your AOS server setup allows debugging on server and global breakpoints3) Your AX Client is setup to allow breakpoints4) Your AX Debugger is open5) If you changed the DP class and in the debugger you can't see the changes, make sure you recompile CIL incrementalW...

Steps for creating an upgrade script for an ISV solution

First of all make sure to read the Microsoft Dynamics Ax whitepaper for writing upgrade scripts, this will give you insight of what kind of attributes you need to set on  your upgrade method (Pre-script, Post-script, tables you perform CRUD operations and so on). After you have created the upgrade script, you are good to go, once you import your new model you just need to run the Softwar...

BOM Circularity check

I recently came along with an interesting behavior in the system. When you create a product master which has let's say 2 variants, VAR1 and VAR2. Each of this variant has a configuration associated to it CONF1 and CONF2. If we say product master is PM01 then we have the following matrix:PM01 -> VAR1 -> CONF1PM01 -> VAR2 -> CONF2What's interesting about it is - at this point, VAR1 ...

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