Another way to update an Ax class

As you probably know, the normal way for updating an Ax class after changingthe related table is by using the AIF Document Service Wizard from the toolsmenu. A faster way is just to use the job below: ...

Recreating AIF services from X++

Hi,The following job will regenerate AIF services. This is helpful if you don't want to go through all of them, deactivating and then removing and then recreating and reactivating back again. CAUTION: This might take several minutes to run....

Minimal AIF setup for Counting Journal file adapter

Here's the minimal repro steps in order to exchange files with AIF file adapter over Counting journal services. In the end, we will have a new journal with one line. This was tested in AX 2012 R2:Pre-requisites==============1) have a standard item without configuration2) Configured an inventory counting journal in inventory parameters on AIF tab3) Have visual studio in place to check schemas4) Con...

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