Recreating AIF services from X++

Hi,The following job will regenerate AIF services. This is helpful if you don't want to go through all of them, deactivating and then removing and then recreating and reactivating back again. CAUTION: This might take several minutes to run....

AX 2012 SSRS and labels

It's a mess now when you prepare a multi-idiom SRSS report. Labels are handled like:=When you open this textbox you will never know what's that about.So to easy things up, there's a nice little trick:Everything after the char ' is a comment, so when you open the textbox expression you will be able to understand what it will print =)...

Issue when adding a new table field on an existing SSRS report

Today I was working on the Customer Statement report to add a new field on the existing temporary table so it would be rendered on the report.After changing the design and re-deploying de report I got an error when openning it.The error message was: The report provide table doesn't contain the new field, therefore I re-compile, re-deploy, even restarted the AOS and it didn't work.I had to finally ...

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