Shrinking the transaction log

At some point, specialy if you don't give regular mainteinance to your Ax database, the transaction log will be huge. We followed the article to reduce the log size and it worked perfectly. Some things to consider for setting the log file is to set it to autogrow and to give a fixed increment size (100 MB for example.) The reasons that could make your lo...

Free some resources on database server

If you are working on a dev. environment and have on the same box the AOS and the database server it is good idea to set the Recovery model of the Ax databases to simple, this will release some resources on your box. Normally in a dev. env. you won't need the transaction log so this is a very save tip....

Manually Creating a new database in ax 2012

1. Run Dynamics AX 2012 installation CD2. Click on Add/Remove components3. Select Databases, next4. Select Create new databases and follow the wizard5. Open SQL server management studio, add AOS account to new created databases (data and model dbs), set permissions for datareader, datawriter and ddladmin to each of the db6. Open a new query window, select an already used ax database, run the comma...

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