nolock hint

Instead of setting the transaction level in SQL for seeing uncommitted transactions you can now use the nolock hint as in the sql statement below:select * from PROJTABLE (nolock) order by RECID descif you have many tables in the query:-- Get the funding limit tracking records by project IDselect T8.AccountingDistribution, T1.ProjectAccountingDistribution, T1.RecId as ProjFundingLimitTrackingRecId,...

Index hint on AX 2012 R2

It seems index hint option was removed from database tuning tab in AX Server Configuration Utility for Dynamics AX 2012 R2. I've seen this in (former) CU1 and CU6.How do you test it?  The following code which tries to specify the index hint, won't work...EDIT: When enabling this feature, the form under procurement and sourcing --> categories --> Procurement categories will issue the fol...

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