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We offer the highest quality in software development for Microsoft Dynamics Ax and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What do we do?

Customization and outsourcing

Customizations in Dynamics Ax or Dynamics CRM require a fast development process due to the nature of implementation projects. We are able to deliver high quality code including unit tests in a short time with a short notice.

Outsourcing development in an implementation project is an inevitable task. We are able to be perceived as part of the in-house development team due to our continous communication as well as the high quality code we deliver.

ISV solution development

Our knowledge in the architecture as well as the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics Ax and Dynamics CRM makes us a great partner for helping you in the development of verticals or ISV (Independent Software Vendor) solutions.

We deliver products, new modules in Ax or CRM, with the best practices required by Microsoft in order for your vertical to be eligible as an add-in product to the standard product. The product is delivered together with a suite of unit tests.

Development training

We provide the following courses related to Microsoft Dynamics Ax software development (in english, spanish or portuguese):

We can also prepare a customized course according to your specific needs.

Integrations and Upgrades

As part of any implementation, integration with external systems is a key part. Therefore, selecting the best approach is important. We help you during this process using Microsoft Dynamics Ax and CRM integration tools such as web services, document services, business operation framework, data migration framework and more...

We help you migrating data or code to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Ax and CRM. Similar to integrations, it is important to select the right tool for the right data migration strategy. Code merge is also a complex task, the refactoring of the data model on the latest version of Dynamics Ax makes this process complex. We are here to help migrate your code according to the latest patterns and best practices.

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