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Customizations & Outsourcing

In the implementation process of Dynamics F&O or Dynamics CE projects, customizations are essential to adapt solutions to specific business needs. At Dynaxti, we understand the time-sensitive nature of these projects and offer a fast and efficient development process for customizations.
As part of our services, we are committed to delivering high quality code and unit testing on short notice. Outsourcing customization development need not be a headache, as our constant communication and commitment to excellence allows us to integrate seamlessly with your in-house development team.

ISV Solution Development

At Dynaxti, we have in-depth knowledge of both the architecture and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics F&O and Dynamics CE. This makes us a great partner to assist you in the development of vertical or ISV (Independent Software Vendor) solutions.We are committed to deliver innovative and high quality products, including new modules in F&O or CE, that meet the best practices required by Microsoft for your vertical to be eligible as an add-on product to the standard product.
In addition, we deliver the product along with a set of unit tests as part of our services at Dynaxti. As a result, you can rely on us to develop efficient and effective vertical solutions in a short period of time.

Development training

At Dynaxti, we offer a wide range of courses related to Microsoft Dynamics F&O software development, taught in English, Spanish or portuguese. Courses include:

In addition, we can customize a course based on your specific needs. Whether you are looking to improve your Dynamics F&O software development skills or prepare for certification exams, we can help you achieve your learning objectives

With our courses, you will gain a thorough understanding of Dynamics F&O architecture and functionality, enabling you to develop efficient and effective solutions for your company.

Integrations and upgrades

At Dynaxti, we know that integration with external systems is a key part of any successful Microsoft Dynamics F&O and CE implementation. That’s why we help our customers select the best approach using Microsoft Dynamics F&O and CE integration tools, such as web services, document
services, business operations framework, data migration framework and more.

As part of our services, we also help our customers migrate data or code to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics F&O and CE. We know that selecting the right tool for the right data migration strategy is crucial. Code
merging can also be a complex task, especially when it comes to refactoring the data model into the latest version of Dynamics F&O. That’s why we are here to help you migrate your code according to the latest patterns and best practices.

With our Dynamics F&O and CE data integration and migration services, you can rest assured that your implementation will be successful and your systems will be seamlessly integrated.

IT Infrastucture

At Dynaxti, we take care of maintaining your IT infrastructure and keep your Dynamics 365 solution with the latest updates. Our maintenance services ensure that your solution is always running smoothly and that you always have access to the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates.

In addition, we help streamline your development lifecycle by integrating with DevOps or Git for efficient version control. By building automated pipelines and utilizing lifecycle services, we can help you automate your release process and ensure smooth operations.

In short, our Dynamics 365 maintenance and DevOps services are the perfect solution to ensure that your solution is always in optimal condition and that your development lifecycle is efficient and smooth.

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